ACE Stream Media

ACE Stream Media 2.0

ACE Stream Media is a package of multimedia streaming and playing tools
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  • ACE Stream Media is not working. How can I fix it?
    Try uninstalling the application and then installing it again. This should fix it. Since the application is streaming the data though the network, you might... Read more
  • Issue regarding torrent files and ACE Media Player.
    When you installed the ACE Stream Media player, it's possible that all your torrent files became associated with the application. This can... Read more
  • Is this available for the Mac?
    Ace Stream Media will run in the Windows environment. At this time, there isn't a Mac version that you can use for your environment. If you need this program... Read more


ACE Stream Media is a comprehensive solution including several basic ACE Stream products (configuration can be changed and extended with other client and service products). ACE Stream is an innovative multimedia platform of a new generation, which includes different products and solutions for ordinary Internet users as well as for professional members of the multimedia market. ACE Stream uses in its core, P2P (peer-to-peer) technology, BitTorrent protocol, but it is more than just BitTorrent client for file exchange via P2P-networks, as it also provides AVoD (Audio and Video on Demand), Live Stream (live broadcast), localization of foreign BitTorrent traffic, decentralized social networks, and IOTT (Interactive-Over-The-Top).

Basic components of ACE Stream Media:

- ACE Stream HD — multimedia stream manager (BitTorrent-client of a new generation). It's a universal cross-platform software application for working within P2P (BitTorrent) network.

- ACE Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in - multifunctional web-player, based on libvlc (plug-in for web-browsers).

- ACE Player HD is an improved version of VLC multimedia player with BitTorrent support.

- TS Magic Player – an additional extension for browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.
Allows you to play online audio and video content on any web-sites, containing links on torrent-files, without any need to download torrent-files and without tedious waiting for content download.

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